The company behind MakePlans

The history

MakePlans AS was started in 2016. Before that it existed as a side project. We now have hundreds of clients around the world and every day their customers make about 20 000 bookings using MakePlans.

For contact and company registration details please see the contact us page.

The people

The company was founded by Espen Antonsen, Arne Fismen and Marcus Ramberg. Espen is the CEO while Arne sits on the board of directors.

The vision

We believe in easy to use technical solutions driven by open standards. We will not add features for the sake of it but do so by understanding the core needs. We have deep respect for privacy and your ownership of your data. MakePlans aims to be best of breed - if there is a need for other functionality then we will integrate with tools that can provide the best functionality in that field so that we can focus on perfecting bookings.

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