Easy to use appointment booking

MakePlans gives you everything you need to keep track of your appointments. You get a simple bookingsite which sends SMS reminders to your customers. We also have many integrations with external applications for more flexibility.

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Easy setup

Start taking bookings after an easy two-minute set up. No credit card required.

All you need to do is add the services you provide and define your opening hours.

Also you can adjust how the bookingsite should look, customize outgoing messages and modify many other settings for how your account should work.

Simple booking

Your customers expect to be able to book online. Not only easier for them but it will save you money and you will be able to focus on the things that matters instead of answering phone calls.

MakePlans bookingsite
  • Easy to use means higher conversion rates and more clients
  • Automatic SMS reminders to clients means fewer no-shows.
  • Works on the go. Clients can book on their mobile means you don't miss out on new business.
  • Always available. At 3am you are probably sleeping but your customers can still make a booking.
  • Instant confirmation. Or to be approved by an administrator if you prefer a manual verification.
  • Appointments can easily be added to Outlook, Google or iPhone calendars.

One calendar

All your appointments in one interface. Make changes. Look up future bookings. Add notes or custom data to each appointment.

MakePlans calendar screenshot

Customer database - a basic CRM

MakePlans CRM screenshot

Look up customer details.

You have full overview of all past and future reservations.

Here you can also add a new appointment manually.

The customer database can be syncronized with your CRM-system.

Your brand - not ours

Your booking site can look the way you want it. It can feel as an integrated part of your website. As it should. If you don't have your own website you can use the MakePlans booking site just by itself.

  • Define outgoing messages.
  • Custom fields in the reservation form.
  • Use your own CSS to adjust design and upload your pretty logo.
  • Use your own domain.

We love the web

No need to download an app. No plugins. Available on all platforms.

  • Works on mobile and tablets. Available everywhere.
  • Google likes us. Good code means good SEO. Don't miss out on new business.
  • Accessible for all people. Low bandwidth, small screen or poor eye-sight should not stop anyone to make an appointment.

Integrates with your favorite tools

We know appointments and leave the other aspects of business software to others. MakePlans has integrations with CRM, invoicing, accounting, mailing list applications and more. These are some of our integrations and partners:

Se list of all integrations.


Feeling nerdy?

You can also integrate MakePlans with your internal applications - see our API for technical information.

Your data is secure

  • Always SSL - We encrypt everything.
  • Continious local backups and frequent off-site backups.
  • Trusted ISO-certified hosting partners.

And you can always export your data at any time. We don't lock you in.

You can even use two-factor authentication for that extra level of security if you want.

Reports and statistics

When are people making a booking? How many appointments per weekday? Were there more online bookings last week compared to two months ago? Get an overview with our charts.

MakePlans report stats screenshot

Credit card payments

It's possible demand prepayment with a credit card using our payment partner Stripe. You will automatically receive the paid amount in your bank account within a few days. It's very easy to get started and Stripe has no monthly fixed fees.

Lots of features

MakePlans is a complete system for online appointment booking and event registration. Here are some of the many features available:

  • Variable opening hours. You can easily define that you will be closed for a week or have longer opening hours every Thursday in December.
  • Add breaks to your opening hours. Because you need to eat lunch too.
  • All outgoing messages can be adjusted
  • You can add categories on the booking site if you offer many services.
  • Choose from different calendar widgets for display of available times on the booking site.
  • Limit when it should be possible to make a booking. Like only two months in advance or not possible to make a booking on the same day.
  • See how customers use the booking site with statitics in Google Analytics.
  • The reservation form can be customized with additional fields.
  • Add as many additional users as you want at no extra cost.
  • Your data is yours and you can export it at any time.
  • We also offer an extra service for importing data. Please contact us for more info.
  • It's possible to add repeating appointments.
  • Every appointment and customer have a field for adding notes.
  • You can easily drag appointments around in the calendar. An SMS can automatically be sent to customer with a notification of the changed time.
  • On the booking site customers can verify using SMS, email or Facebook Connect.
  • One appointment can be for more than one person if you allow it.
  • If you are able to service multiple customers at one time then you can allow for more than one appointment to be booked at the same time.
  • You can fine tune the generation of next available time. Let's say you have an appointment that ends 2.15pm you can set up MakePlans to show next available time at the nearest full hour - so 3pm.

This is just a short list of features in MakePlans. Please try out the system yourself or contact us if you have any questions whether MakePlans is suitable for your requirements.

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