Terms of service

Terms and conditions for use of MakePlans

The service

MakePlans is a hosted web-based service that allows clients to offer online booking for their customers. MakePlans is delivered by MakePlans AS.

Service usage

All use of the service must comply with local law.

Prices and invoicing

Current prices are available on the MakePlans website. MakePlans is a prepaid service. All amounts are stated without any applicable taxes. The service cannot be resold without approval of MakePlans AS.

Data ownership

All data stored in the MakePlans account belongs to the client. All data can be exported from MakePlans.


MakePlans has access to view data saved on accounts when debugging and improving the application. All MakePlans employees with access to client's account data are prohibited to share this data with anyone else.


Both parties can cancel the agreement at any time. No refunds are given.


MakePlans AS is not liable to any loss or damages based on usage of the service.

General terms

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